Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Images of Eugen von Guérard

November 1811 Johan Joseph Eugen von Guérard was born in Vienna. He studied at the Kunstakademie in Dusseldorf 1839 – 45, and departed for Victoria Australia 1852 from London to look for gold. Establishing himself as a painter in Melbourne 1854, he sailed back to Europe 1882 where he died in London 1901.

1. Natives Chasing Game

2. Aboriginal Group near Geelong, Australia

3. Mt William from Mt Dryden, Australia

4. Johnny the Artiste Kongatong – 8 Aug 1855 (Aborigine)

5. Eugen von Guérard by Johnny the artiste

6. Warrenheip Hills near Ballarat, Australia 1854

7. Signage for Gully Vegetation the Living Desert, Broken Hill

8. Mount Kosciusko, seen from the Victorian border (Mount Hope Ranges) Australia 1866

9. Signage for Foreign plants and animals the Living Desert, Broken Hill

10. The Weatherboard Falls, Blue Mountains, Australia

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